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(posted on 4 Aug 2013)

It's always fun to do something different. The O'Hares have been freshened up and made a bit more zany. Just awaiting a top coat for protection from the elements.

Next week it's back to some serious painting. Our Master Painters' Workshop on Pender Island with Harold Klunder starts on Monday. Thirteen experienced painters with a superb painter and mentor.

Will try to post some images as soon as I can.

(posted on 17 Jul 2013)

Ephemeral. Transient. Impermanent. The blue painting with pink butterflies (2008) no longer exists. Or does it? After many layers of paint, it became Bubblelark (2011). See the butterflies peeking out?

(posted on 23 Jun 2013)

These paintings emerged from my huge collection of stuff recently. They were made 47 years ago, when I was just 5 years old. My mom, organizer extraordinaire that she is, labelled them with the artist's name and date executed. Miljon kallistusi, Ema.

As a bit of a change, I've started my second ever restoration project. These beautiful garden creatures belong to my close friends. The O'Hares need a little freshening up. The project has started.

Thank you to all that attended our show on the Victoria Day week-end at Sea Star Estate Farm & Vineyards. We couldn't have done it without the team of David, Mark, Lisa, George, Joanne, and Jim. About eighty people enjoyed the opening gala on Friday night. We appreciate your support.

(posted on 12 May 2013)

The Power of Suggestion

When Mary and I decided to share the upcoming show, we came upon the name "Two Birds" as in the British slang for two women. I had started what was to become "Uncaged." Then birds started popping up in all the my work. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of butterflies to be found and in Mary's work, likely, some monkeys or clowns.

The piece on the right is called Bird Blues. It's painted with acrylic on two canvas panels and includes feathers, paper, and graphite.

(posted on 21 Apr 2013)

Work continues in the studio for my show with Mary Lottridge at Sea Star Estate Farm & Winery on Pender Island. The above two panel painting has some pencil drawing, paper scraps, feathers, and gel medium. The white blobs are the gel medium still drying. It will be clear when dry. See photo of the underpainting in March 17th blog (Tall Paintings).

(posted on 9 Apr 2013)

Women and minorities are still "in the red" with their pay. Wear red today to symbolize the gap between men's and women's wages. Initiated by the National Committee on Pay Equity (US).

Photo of vanaema (grandmother) Meeta in broccoli field.

(posted on 17 Mar 2013)

Underpainting dabbled onto these tall (or long) canvases. Can't wait to see what develops. You can see a bit of change to the painting with the turkey vulture on the right. The studio will be temporarily turned into a sleeping hut for a family visit next week-end. No photos to be taken!

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