Eha Art!
Paintings, Photography, Drawing, and Mixed Media work by Eha Onno

Artist's Statement

In my art I strive to stir some emotion or memory, not necessarily shaped by consciousness. Whereas some painters are driven to reproduce the beauty or ugliness in the physical surroundings, I prefer to allow my inner world to escape onto the canvas. I draw with the intellect, but paint with my soul. I am, of course, influenced by forms and colours in nature and especially by rhythms in music. But, I believe there is a deeper animus at work in my art. Over time, an abstract symbol set has developed. In sharing my pieces with others, I hope that from this externalized inner world will spring some recognition or feeling.


Often a painting is inspired by the mood (or sometimes the lyrics) of a particular piece of music. This is an incredibly joyful process for painting. The music helps access the access the subconscious and allows for connections that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. For many years, I’ve had a fascination with the concept of synesthesia.  Each of our senses can bring us much information, excitement, wonder.  One can be driven to express oneself in paint or on a piano or in a sand pile. But, how do the senses used for each of these activities interrelate?  What happens when they cross, or mix, or overlap? I have tried to explore crossing the senses by using paint to express the emotion I feel from a specific piece of music. Certainly,I can paint, draw, and sculpt without music.  But I do believe that music usually contributes verve, movement, and rhythm to the work. I cannot imagine a painting day without Ani DiFranco, Carlos Santana, Me’Shell Ndegéocello, Gotye, Stevie Wonder, War, Weezer, FloRida, and Sharon Jones.