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Paintings, Photography, Drawing, and Mixed Media work by Eha Onno

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Wow Eha - I love your art work / play! There's a quirky sense of fun to so many of them.
Joan W Henriques - 22 Feb 2018
Amazing versatility!!!
Isa - 6 Dec 2015
Hi Eha. I really love your art and can feel the emotions coming from it. Wish I had discovered your site while we worked together.
Dawn Bezeau - 23 Oct 2014
I love your Bird of Paradise best so far.
Ema - 18 Jun 2013
Great website Eha !(All artists should be so organized). Looking forward to your Art Opening at Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards on the May long weekend. Our first art show, and thrilled that you and Mary Lottridge are the featured artists !
David Goudge - 2 Mar 2013
You have added so much new wonderful work. Looked at every single thing and should do it more often. Of course, you know your flower category is sadly underpopulated...
Ema - 8 Sep 2012
Beautiful! I just discovered this web site. As always, the pictures are my favorite - amazing eye for beauty! Also, appreciated promoting the young artists!!
Scott - 11 Dec 2011
hey love the birds.
Sid - 9 Dec 2011
Love the vision and creativity!! Simply the best!
Tyler Martin - 14 Jun 2011
Hi Eha - We visited your show today. We were impressed - such energy in your work! We especially liked "Summertime" and the painting you used for your promo card. Very exciting to live close to a real artist!
Julie and Al Wilnott - 27 Aug 2009
Eha, WOW I am so impressed! You have a true talent - and for such a variety of art forms! I'm thrilled that you have found your "inner artist". Marcia
Marcia Boyd - 19 Aug 2009
My art supplies have been sitting downstairs for years. Seeing your web-sight might just have been the catalyst that gets it set up!!!! Great work, look forward to your next show.
Tracy Waters - 14 May 2009
Already have the dates for your show at Morning Bay on the calendar - now having seen your website I'm even more excited to see your new work! Beautiful!
Shirley Nord - 13 May 2009
Beautiful works Eha! So much more than we've see in the shop! Thank you so much for sharing your site with us!
Mandy Wold - Final Touch Frames - 13 May 2009
The work is pure joy. Can't wait to see the "Colour of Music"!
Wendy Munroe - 12 May 2009
The AbStRaCt is my favorite!!! I with i could work with colors that well!
David Jaan - 10 May 2009
Eha!! Your site looks great! I really love your work. I need to start painting again! I should take a picture of the painting you and I did when I was out there quit afew years ago, you could maybe put it up here!! Lovvee ya Jamie!!
Jamie-lee - 31 Mar 2009
Wow Eha the website is amazing, i love the the painting Samba Pa Ti that was done to music. You are on your way girl! Love you and miss you Leslie
Leslie Martin - 30 Mar 2009
Just fantastic Eha!
Bea Stuyt - 19 Mar 2009
Wonderful,you are on your way girl. Nice website. Hope to see in class.
Yvonne Russell - 16 Mar 2009
Beautiful website Eha! I'm looking forward to your Art Show in August.
Carol Budnyk - 16 Mar 2009
Wow Eha!! Great web site, great art and great you!!We will be at your show!! Sharon en Vic!!
Sharon Jinkerson-Brass - 15 Mar 2009
Exciting work, Eha. I love following your work and development, and love the ideas you present. Your work is very authentic and comes from your pure response. What a delight!
Bev Peden - 15 Mar 2009
Beautiful stuff! Love it! My favorite is the seahorse picture. Can you do parrots?
Cammie Lilley - 25 Feb 2009
Hi Eha- I enjoyed your website so much- for me much tranquility and love of the natural. Thank you. I will pass it on!
Carol Oberg - 19 Feb 2009
Eha, the site is truly very nice and even I found my way around it. Kalli-kalli!
Ema - 18 Feb 2009
Eha - How wonderful. I am so proud of you. Love it. Love you. Nora
Nora McPherson - 16 Feb 2009
Eha, beautiful art, beautiful web site and very easy to navigate.
Donna Sherman - 9 Feb 2009
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