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(posted on 1 May 2019)

Collabart 2019 Auction

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Central Middle School, Victoria, BC

6:30 - 8:00pm

(posted on 1 May 2019)

 Thank you to Roger Duval, the students, and the staff at Central Middle School in Victoria. My first experience with this artist-apprentice program was a blast. Lola and I were a great match; we learned much from each other. Lola, you are the bomb!

The starting point for our paintings were two photos of Vancouver alleys that I thought we could reclaim by painting a new landscape over them. I wanted to allow the city scenes to show through as shadows, as if the greenery had taken over. In one piece that happened. In the other, the ducks took over. 

(posted on 10 Sep 2017)


Every medium has a learning curve. Using just the Notes Program on my device, I started some little doodles. The first is an idea to re-create an old dining room light fixture into a flying saucer. Needs work. The Bobbleheads I designed to be made of mini cut-off Perrier bottles with ping pong ball heads. I had assigned myself doing something silly every day for one week. Wasn't hard. The Dots were a practice in using my stylus and the pad. 

The ceiling fan drawing made use of a ruler tool; that was cool. Then, my first simple drawing, of a tortuous willow branch. 



At long last two of my passions have collided. Dr. Jane Wrinch has generously provided a showpiece remodelled office in which to display my art. I am thrilled with the result. Thank you to all those who have given positive feedback. Feel free to come in the office and have a peek when you are in Victoria. Regards, Eha


(posted on 1 Dec 2015)

Some very small things are cropping up in my studio these days. I'm working on some miniature tableaux on the theme of love, to be displayed at Pender Island Public Library from January 5 - February 28, 2016. Also, included will be some "wall art." Details to follow.

Key to My Heart - Steampunk Version

(posted on 5 Nov 2015)

Every November in Vancouver the Culture Crawl sees open studios of a large number of exciting artists. This year, November 19 - 22. Open link to get more information:

Seeing Red, by Kelly Haydon

(posted on 16 Aug 2015)

The Schmollende. I love the paintings of Paul Gaugin, including The Schmollende pictured on the left. I went as far as to paint a copy of it, but unfortunately did not photograph my reproduction. Then, as I wasn't about to keep an inferior reproduction around, I decided to re-invent the painting. Schmollende means "sulking" in German. The new painting became the opposite of sulking.

To see more Gaugin:

(posted on 22 Jul 2015)

Show's over. And, what fun it was. Great turnout for Friday night's opening, good food, lots of talk about painting and photography. Thank you to all our guests; thank you for all your support. Eha and Ani

(posted on 24 Jun 2015)

Ani (Feuermann) and I are working hard to put together an exciting show at Sea Star. Her images include dancers and ghosts. Many of mine remind me of waterfalls. Click on EVENTS for details of the show. Hope to see you there!

(posted on 6 Feb 2015)

I was working on a couple of triptychs for an important commission (for my mother) when this painting started to develop. If you are familiar with my work, it is apparent that the style of of this is quite unusual for me. After some weeks and numerous layers of paint, my brain twigged into a connection with a postcard my maternal grandmother, Aino, had sent me when she had started to develop some type of dementia. Her powerful description can be roughly translated:

I watch the waves pounding. This is life. My life.

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